On August 23rd, one of my very best friends (Rachel) and I will be boarding a plane to Portugal where we will become Pilgrims on the Portugués Camino. We have given ourselves 12 to 15 days to walk 150 miles to Santiago Spain. The Camino de Santiago (also known as “The Way of Saint James”) is a pilgrimage that over 200,000 individuals take each year[1]. And, as with most things in life, there is not one set route.

Camino de Santiago

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While the majority of travelers opt to take the Camino Francés route which starts in Saint Jean Pied de Port and goes over the Pyrenees and into Spain, Rachel and I will be taking the lesser-traveled route through Portugal. We will begin our journey by diverting from the main path to walk the coastal trek. One of the things I find most interesting about this pilgrimage is the various options and detours. It provides the Pilgrim with an opportunity to listen to their soul and find the path that they are meant to take.


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