It’s amazing what a good nights sleep will do. Both Rachel and I woke up feeling refreshed. Better yet, our feet felt better then they had for a while. We packed-up and headed out just as the sun was rising.

Because we left before breakfast was served, the hotel packed us a picnic breakfast. With my backpack on and our breakfast swinging from my pack, the song “King of the Road” popped into my head. So, of course, we stared singing it as we walked out of town.

9 km (about 5 1/2 miles) into our day’s journey, we stopped for coffee. As we were sitting there Sabine and Klamon joined us. Then a bit later, Paloma and Elaina showed up and joined our group. There are very few things that are better in life then drinking a cup of coffee in the company of friends. 

As Rachel and I continued our journey, we commented on the fact that we no longer ran into the individuals we traveled with at the start of this journey (Josie, Anja, Tino, Tarcy, and Oswald) and, yet, we are still traveling in the company of other pilgrims. It’s like a sped-up version of life. Individuals come and go from your life all the time, yet the memories and impact they made stays with you even if they are no longer there. 

It was about at this point in the conversation, when we came upon the pilgrim monument at Iglesias Santa de Maria de Alba. I decided to take a little break.


While it would have been nice to stay, we knew better then to linger. 

We made our way through the forest,

over the train tracks,

and eventually into Tivo. Which is just outside of Caldas de Reis, which is known for it’s thermal waters. Just the ticket for our tired feet!

123 miles down with only 27 to go!