It’s hard to believe but we’ll be in Santiago in two days.! Today’s trek took us to Padron. We walked through forests and various hamlets.



One of the interesting things about the Camino, is the various ways people pay homage to pilgrims. We passed this sculpture in one of the hamlets we went through.


As is common on the Camino, we met a new friend (Gabriel) just outside of Padron. He’s from the Canery Islands and is walking the Camino with his two best friends. We have crossed paths with Gabrial for the last two days. However, today was the first day that we actually walked together for a short period of time.


When Gabrial heard we were from California, he started singing “California Dreaming”! As we walked together, we learned quite alot about Gabrial. He a from the Canary Islands and travels to the U.S. for business. In fact, he will be in Santa Barbara in a few months. It’s a reminder of how small the world is. 

We ended the day, in the company of Klaus and Semone. We shared a dinner of Octipi, Peppers, and and an Omlete. As we were leaving the restaurant we ran into Paloma and Elaina. They are headed into Santiago, tomorrow. (That’s a 15 mile walk from where we are. While I think Rachel and I could do it, we’d be exhausted and we’d missed the Pilgrims’ Mass so we opted to break this part of the trek up into two days.) Anyway, we said goodbye to Paloma and Elaina, exchanged emails, wished them a Bien Camino, and headed back to the hotel for a goods nights rest. 

It was a good end to a good day.

135 miles down and 15 to go!