Knowing we only had a half days walk ahead of us, we opted to sleep in and have breakfast at the hotel rather then on the road. While we knew this meant that we would be walking during the hottest part of the day, we thought the trade off would be worth it. In hindsight, I believe it was. You see, if we had started earlier, I would not have met Bruce.

Bruce is the biggest and friendliest Bull dog I’ve ever seen. As you might guess, we hit it off immediately. While I couldn’t understand what his owner was saying as Bruce jumped up on me, I could tell he was doing his best to get Bruce to behave. However, anyone who knows me understands that I have a way (without really meaning to) of encouraging kids and dogs to misbehave. It soon became clear to Bruce’s owner that not only didn’t I mind Bruce’s behavior, but that I was actually encouraging it a bit. 

After playing with Bruce for a bit, we continued on our way. 

We made it to our destination about 3:30.  Tomorrow we take Santiago!

142 miles down with 8 to go!