We wanted to be sure to get into Santiago for the Pilgrims’ Mass which starts at noon, so, once again, we left before the sun was up.  Luckily it wasn’t completely dark when we left at 7 am, still, we opted to use the headlamps to be on the safe side. 

We were fortunate enough to catch the sunrise just as we were coming over the crest of a hill.

It was really magical. 

About two hours into our trek we stopped for coffee. As we checked our bearings, we found we were just under 1/2 way there. 

 This made us quite happy!

Approximately, 15 minutes later, we caught our first glimps of Santiago.

We headed down the mountain and over the bridge into Santiago.

Due to some construction that was going no, we were forced to take the older route that took us through the city as opposed to a newer route. As we made our way up to the Cathedral, someone called Rachel’s name. It was Ania!

We hadn’t seen Ania since we climbing the mountain between Point de Lima and Runiaes. It was so good to see her! We spent about 5 to 8 minutes standing in the middle of the street catching up. She and Josie had reconnected after they had entered Santiago. Josie decided to go to Finisterre (the end of the world). 

After catching up and exchanging email addresses, we continued on our way up to the cathedral. By this time, we had lost all track of the markers. Fortunately, we ended up in a park that Rachel was familiar with. 

Not only was it beautiful, it was was next to the entrance to the old city where the cathedral is.  We arrived in the square outside the cathedral just after 11:30. There were street performers and various vendors in. Square outside the church.

Not exactly what I was expecting, but then, that’s the way life is.

We attended the Pigrims Mass at noon,


and then made our way to the Pigrim Office to receive our Compestella where we ran into Klemon and Sabine! We got a number of people in the crowd to cheer for them when they came out with their Compestella’s. 


After entertaining the other Pilgrims who where standing in line with us, by singing “King of the Road”, “Y M C Albergue”, and “Goodbye”, Rachel and I finally made it to the front of the line and received our Compestella! 

150 miles down and 0 to go! Woo Hoo!!!!!