The goal today was to participate in the pilgrim rituals. This meant attending the various pilgrim stations, i.e. Standing over the tree of Jessie, touching our brow to that of maestro Mateo, view the crypt of St. James, and participate in the Pilgrim’s mass. The thing was, the area most of these things are housed in is under renovation so we weren’t able to follow the rituals. We did attend the English Mass and walked around the the church. I found the dichotomy of the message of the service which spoke to the lack of material possessions and comfort and the material abundance of the cathedral interesting. 


This is not to say I did not appreciate both because I did. I was truly spiritually moved by the mass and there was no denying the grandure of the cathedral. I just found the contradiction in the messages they each sent interesting. 

After mass, Rachel, Mandy and I met Klemon an Semone in the small square. After visiting for a while, Klemone, Semone, Rhcel and I walked to the train station so Rachel and I could by our tickets for the train that will take us back to Porto tomorrow.

On our way to the train station, we came across a protest. The farmers are protesting the the falling milk prices. To show their discontent, they drove their tractors into Santiago and simply left them in the street.

  It was definately a sight to behold.

After we purchased our train tickets, Klemon, Semone, Rachel and I enjoyed a picnic in the park overlooking the cathedral.


We fished our day at a small cafe where we drank Sangria, entertained ( or annoyed)the individuals sitting next to us by singing, and enjoyed each other’s company until the sun started to set.

It was a great way to spend our last day in Santiago.