As I write this, I’m sitting in the 1-bedroom apartment Rachel and I have rented for the last few days we are in Porto.

While we had planned a relatively lazy travel day, it definitely didn’t start out that way! However, thank’s to a knight in shining armor disguised as a cab driver, we eventually were able to relax.

We were up at 5:00 so we could catch the 6:19 train to Porto. The hotel we were at was supposed to have made arrangements for a cab to pick us up, they hadn’t. Luckily, we discovered this in enough time to ensure we made it to the train station on time. However, once we were at the station we discovered we had left some of our documents at the hotel! Fortunately, our cab driver was still outside. In our rush to get back to the hotel and return in time to catch the train, we ran into a few problems: First, the toll rail when leaving the train station wouldn’t work. The cab driver had me get out of the car to raise the rail. I had difficulty, so Rachel got out and helped. The driver went around the barrier and Rachel and I got back in the cab. He drove us to the hotel in record time. Unfortunately, the hotel door was locked and the desk clerk couldn’t hear Rachel knock. The cab driver came to the rescue once again. He got out of the cab and pounded on the door with Rachel. The desk clerk, brought the documents to us and we headed back to the train station. Unfortunately, the entrance was blocked due to the farmers protest. Our cabbie, got permission from the police to enter anyway. He dropped us off at a side entrance that allowed us to bypass the main entrance and get to our train just before the doors closed. It was quite a morning!

Fortunately, the train ride was relaxing, except for a small bit of confusion when we showed up at the apartment we rented. (We got a 1-bedroom apartment for $59 a night; ROCKS!)
The rest of the day was very relaxing. 

It’s definitely been a good day!