Our final day in Porto was spent with good friends, tasting port and on an E-Ticket ride with Ricardo.


Ricardo drives a 3-wheeled cab (for lack of a better word). I’ve never had so many individuals staring at me. I couldn’t tell if it was because they thought we were crazy for getting into the vehicle or because we were having so much fun. As we went up the various hills, Ricardo would tells us to help him get up the hill by sticking our hand out what would have been a window and paddling the air, which Rachel and I were only too happy to do. 

When we weren’t helping Ricardo transport us up the hills, we were learning how Port wine was made and which ones we preferred.

We both really liked the white;as for the others, I preferred the tawneys while Rachel was partial to the Reds.

After we were done learning about port, we met Klamon and Semone for a bit of coffee and shopping.

The final goodbye was hard. We will definitely miss their company. Still, it was wonderful spending time with them on our final day.

It’s been a wonderful trip. One that will continue to impact my life for years to come. Still, I’m looking forward to going home. It’s time; I’ve been away from my sweetie for too long.